Four Lenses for Christians T4T

Four Lenses for Christians

Train-the-Trainer Certification

The 4 Lenses™ is a foundation to successful training interventions. Every individual has a unique spectrum of personality variables. When trainings, such as team building, are able to identify and address these differences the experience can be modified to enhance knowledge retention, increase personal awareness, and create strategies for social competence. Any successful training will consider that people are the building blocks of organizations. Training in 4 Lenses™ will help your organization identify and utilize the human factor in any training goal. Individuals who become certified in 4 Lenses™ become licensed to use The 4 Lenses™ in their organization.

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3d (24hr) minimum. 4d (32hr) ideal. Plus 6-12 wks of coaching (30-45m). 


In-person, virtual, or hybrid. Can be broken up over a period of time with hybrid options (e.g., Friday 4hr in person, Saturday 8hr virtual for two consecutive weeks). Weekly follow-on coaching can be virtual (30-45m) for 6-12wks. Optional coaching for “Program Implementation” in a company can be customized to client needs.


  • Learn the power of the 4 quadrants in the LEM model and how to use this framework to motivate others.


  • Explore how language can powerfully influence the flow and effectiveness of an engaging coaching session.


  • Execute the LEM model steps, facilitate whole-system thinking, and implement a conversational approach.


  • Set goals and outline a plan to deliver engaging one-on-one coaching sessions to increase organizational engagement using the framework, language, and process of the Leadership Engagement® workshop.

Why Four Lenses?

The Four Lenses is a proven personality temperament model that acts as a universal companion to any training or initiative. This foundational training helps individuals and organizations establish a common language and value system for diverse perspectives and unique talent in the workplace, in the classroom, or simply in life.

The Four Lenses training helps:

  • Motivate reluctant people
  • Communicate with power
  • Strengthen leadership abilities
  • Reduce stress and conflict
  • Parent complicated children
  • Teach difficult learners
  • Create sensational relationships

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