Develop One-on-One Engagement Skills


with the Leadership Engagement® Learning Intervention Process

Corporations have always needed leaders that are SMART – leaders that are intelligent, decisive, and know the company’s goals and objectives. However, today’s organizations also need leaders that are HUMAN – that understand people, are caring and compassionate, and take the time to really slow down and engage with those they lead. Unfortunately, given the day-to-day demands in most companies, Leaders are too often allowed leaders to focus on being SMART while outsourcing the HUMAN responsibility to others.

Leveraging Diversity

External Awareness


Team Building

Conflict Management

Interpersonal Skills

Engage employees and

Lead your team with one-on-one coaching


Four Lenses®

Every individual has a unique spectrum of personality traits that impact the way he or she communicates. This personality assessment helps leaders identify and understand their own temperament (i.e. Green, Gold, Blue, Orange). Together, participants gain a deeper understanding of themselves and a greater social awareness of others


Learn the power of the 4 quadrants in the LEM model and how to use this framework to motivate others.


Explore how language can powerfully influence the flow and effectiveness of an engaging coaching session.


Execute the LEM model steps, facilitate whole-system t hinking, and implement a conversational approach.


Set goals and outline a plan to deliver engaging one-on-one coaching sessions to increase organizational engagement using the framework, language, and process of the Leadership Engagement®workshop