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What makes us unique? We take a holistic approach as a catalyst for change. You can’t separate the technical from the transformational, the known from the unknown, or the mechanical aspects from the people aspects.

Executive Support

It can be lonely at the top. There are things you want to talk about but can’t because of the impact it might have. Sometimes surrounded by people who aren’t comfortable sharing.

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Leader Development

What is leadership? Influence. Leadership starts with self. That means that every person in your organization is a leader.

The question is…

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Organization Transformation

Are your people simply a tool or do you view them as a valuable asset? (Quote: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well…

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About Us

Who we are

Kamel Alliance is a Coaching and Training firm.

Kermit Jones, Jr., is the founder of Kamel Alliance, a strategic implementation partner of Sight Picture.

Kermit is a master trainer, a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC), and holds a Doctorate Degree.

With a focus on adaptive leadership and improving interpersonal relationships with individuals and in small teams, he brings 25 years of leadership experience in the military, government, and corporate enterprise. Kermit believes authenticity and intentionality are key to creating a positive impact.

Our Team

We are People with a Professional Team


Kermit Jones

Kermit Jones, Jr., is the founder of Kamel Alliance, a master trainer, and a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC).


Emile Moured

Emile “Mo” Moured is the founder of
Sight Picture, specializing in custom leadership and team development workshops and executive coaching. 


Ron Newhouse

Ron Newhouse is a master trainer who holds many training and curriculum certifications.

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  • Respond with agility to your dynamic, high-stress environment.

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